Readability in Python and Java

Hello All, I am working on a project which based on python and java both and I am good at python. I want to know which programming language read maximum line of code from file. As I know, Python needs only 2 lines of code to read from a file but not an idea about Java? Can anyone tell me about java readability?

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This question doesn’t seem to be related to PYNQ. You may be better posting your question or searching for answer on other Python/Java/software forums.


I might be wrong but are you referring to Scala & Chisel?
If not then this is another store.
High-Level Language aren’t the scope of this community as there are nothing to do with the PYNQ itself but if you are referring to Chisel on HLS about IP with PYNQ then this is the case what here can help.

Hey, Sorry for posting here. Actually, I want to know which one read maximum code of line at a time between java and python.