Register access to EMIO GPIO interface

I have what should be a very basic question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer. I’ve got a custom overlay and I’m using the EMIO (built-in) GPIO interface on the Zynq IP to communicate with Verilog modules.

My question is how to find the registers associated with this interface so I can communicate in parallel. All the examples I’ve found write or read to or from one pin at a time, which is very slow.

I know I can do this with an AXI interface, but I’m developing this for a class and I want to keep the FPGA design as simple as possible.

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Zynq Technical Reference Manual:
You can find a similar doc for Zynq MPSOC.


Thanks, but I’m pretty new at this and I need more basic help.

How to I access these registers from Python on a Pynq?