Repeated warning while co-simulating using PYNQ- Z2 board

Time: 1071915 ns Iteration: 11 Process: /apatb_pagerank_top/AESL_inst_pagerank/pagerank_fadd_32nbkb_U1/pagerank_ap_fadd_3_full_dsp_32_u/U0/i_synth/addsub_op/ADDSUB/dsp/OP/dsp48e1_body/ALIGN_ADD/DSP2/DSP/prcs_opmode_drc File: C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2019.1\data/vhdl/src/unisims/primitive/DSP48E1.vhd
Warning: OPMODE Input Warning : The OPMODE 0110X0X with CARRYINSEL 000 to DSP48E1 instance is invalid.

This is the error I am repeatedly getting while co-simulating it on the PYNQ Board. My simulation and synthesis work perfectly. How may I resolve it? What may be the possible reasons behind the warning?
Kindly advise.

These are the options I selected while co-simulating.

This isn’t a PYNQ issue.
You would be better searching/posting on Xilinx forums.
First google hit shows this:


Thank you, I will look it up.