RFDC control with PYNQ - is it limited to only "supported" boards?

I am interested in learning what resources exist for controlling the RFDC dynamically from the PS. I am aware of the RFDC API documentation from Xilinx, but want to consider any additional options.

I also would be using a different board than the mentioned 2x2 and 4x2 boards, so I’m not sure if there’s potentially editable configurations to cover different boards etc. I do see Gen 3 RFSoC is supported…

Where can I get a look at the PYNQ RFDC API or a recent example of it including the PL configuration? Or is the PL config just implementation of the RFDC IP from Xilinx? My search results seem to land me on some older material that has been discontinued… I am having trouble getting a clear picture of how I might employ PYNQ and have RFDC control…

Also are there any limitations regarding PYNQ and non-academic use?

thanks for reading!

edit: some more reading and it appears that the RFSoC PYNQ resources are intended to be used with provided PL configuration called overlays - are those overlays available or are they considered somewhat closed source for the PYNQ project?

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