RFSoC-MTS Repository Now Supports RFSoC4x2

We’re excited to announce Multi-Tile Synchronization (MTS) for the RFSoC4x2 board is now available. We now support both the ZCU208 and RFSoC4x2. MTS synchronizes ADC and DAC channels, providing phase-aligned generation of DAC samples and capturing of ADC samples. The figure below demonstrates the benefit of MTS.

Without MTS, the RFSoC tiles run independently from one another, resulting in out-of-phase waveforms. However, if deterministic latency is required and clocking requirements are met, both DAC and ADC tiles can be synchronized.

The provided overlays and notebooks demonstrate this capability by looping back DAC generated samples to the ADC tiles. The RFSoC4x2 design uses both DACs to drive ADC channels B and D, allowing for the generation of complex waveforms. A block diagram of the overlay design is below.

The RFSoC’s multi-tile synchronization is crucial for beamforming, phased RADAR arrays, massive MIMO, and more. The MTS repository for RFSoC4x2 is available at the GitHub repo, Xilinx/RFSoC-MTS: A PYNQ overlay demonstrating AMD RFSoC Multi-Tile Synchronization. The notebook includes examples of how to setup the RFSoC4x2 board, generate DAC waveforms, configure MTS and also how one can capture samples to the PL-DRAM.