[RFSOC ZCU216]pynq v2.7 Runtimeerror: ol.qpsk_tx.axi_dma_0.sendchannel

The pynq version i used is pynq v2.7 and the board I used is RFSOC ZCU216 .
The follwing is I use ‘ol?’ and it can show all IP Blocks I used:

and when I want to use ‘ol.qpsk_tx.axi_dma_0’ to check dma it will cause the Jupyter notebook shut down.
I wanted to use the dma as sendchannel
hardware design picture:

How do you want to use this dma block, which code will use this block? You can check the information of the block by using help(ol.qpsk_tx.axi_dma_0)

I want to store transmitted data to the DMA.
and I can’t access to the DMA block when I use

How can I initialize it ?
or it means that I used the DMA block in a wrong way?
thank you very much!

Did you try help(ol.qpsk_tx.axi_dma_0) in a jupyter notebook or a python code, to see the functions available with your dma?

Hi @pynqishard,

Did you design this overlay yourself?

I recommend you to only enable M_AXI_HPM0_LPD in the PS and then use an AXI Interconnect to map the AXI4-Lite IP, such as the DMAs.


I use the help(ol.qpsk_tx.axi_dma_0) and I can’t get response from Jupyter notebook.
what can I do?

I refer to the strath-sdr’s design in github and other’s design used in zcu111.
Can you give more details? I’m not familiar with it.

Could you provide the links to the github of the designs you gitcloned, please?

you can find an example design from the following link:

Instead of help(ol.qpsk_tx.axi_dma_0), could you try help(ol) to check if the qpsk Overlay was correctly imported? You can then go deeper by trying help(ol.qpsk_tx)

Here is an example of DMA utilization. It is for another board, and the CMAC part is for encoding. But the transfer and allocation parts might interest you:
( RFSoC-PYNQ/boards/RFSoC4x2/base/notebooks/board/CMAC_Intro.ipynb at master · Xilinx/RFSoC-PYNQ · GitHub)

Why do you import 2 overlays: from rfsoc_qpsk.qpsk_overlay import QpskOverlay and from pynq.overlay import Overlay?

help(ol.qpsk_tx) can work

but help(ol.qpsk_tx.axi_dma_0) still can’t work.

Thank you for the example design, I will try.