[RF SoC 4x2] issue with the DMA real of the receiver block


I am working with the base Overlay, the provided one. I am testing the RF DC block. I am using the provided jupyter notebooks :
(RFSoC-PYNQ/boards/RFSoC4x2/base/notebooks/rfdc/01_rf_dataconverter_introduction.ipynb at master · Xilinx/RFSoC-PYNQ · GitHub)

I am doing a transmission. I want to extract the complexes received by the receiver in the AXI DMA. However, I am not receiving anything, a dma.wait() is running endlessly.

Has someone ever extracted data from any axi_dma_real? How did you do that?

I am transmitting via this python code:
test_DMA_receiver.py (1.2 KB)

I connected the DAC_B to the ADC_B.

Here is the register map for the axi_dma_real of channel[2] before the transmission :

And here it is after the transmission:

I have checked a tutorial for possible errors:
Debugging Common DMA Issues [Part 3] - Learn - PYNQ

However, my TKeep is disabled and the array I am transmitting is of the maximum size. So I do not know where my error is.

Thank you in advance for your assistance

Hi @matthew,

For clarity,

  • did you change anything in the base overlay?
  • have you tried with a smaller buffer size?



I did not change anything in the base overlay.
I tried with a buffer shape of 10, 64, 640 and then 6400. Nothing worked, still got the endless wait.