Saving PYNQ on SD card Question


So I understand that I can utilize the Win32DiskImager to save the PYNQ image onto an SD card. I also understand that it erases whatever is on the SD card before it saves PYNQ on the SD card.
I was curious whether there was a process to do this without losing files that were already on the SD card. Does anyone know how I can do this?

Appreciate the help!

No. Imaging the SD card writes a full bootable image onto the card. Think about this like installing Windows, or Linux to a new drive (although this copies the PYNQ image rather than installing it).

What files are you trying to retain? If you are restoring or writing a new image, and you want to retain files from your home area, I’d suggest you back them up before imaging, and restore them after.


Hi Cathal,

So I was experimenting with running PYNQ alongside a RTOS. The SD card has another RTOS image on it, which I was planning to boot as well alongside PYNQ.

Yes, I was thinking of doing the same. Uploading PYNQ onto the SD card, after backing up the RTOS boot files, and then putting those files on the SD card after.
I am new to all of this in general, but thought it was worth a try.
Appreciate you getting back to me.