Issues with Saving PYNQ on SD card

PYNQ v. 2.4
Win32diskimager 1.0
Host machine Windows (saving image through windows)


I am having issues with saving the ZCU102 image i created in pynq to the sd card. So when I try to save the image through Win32, it saves only Boot.bin & u-boot, and not the other files. Is there something wrong with my ZCU102 image for it to save like that?

My build process was successful, so I am confused.


The image consists of two partitions only one of which is visible to Windows. The rest of the files are on an ext4 partition which should be booted from when you use the SD card with the board


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Hi Peter,

Thank you for your response. So after it saves those two files, then it prompts me to format a partition on the SD card, so it is usable. Should I say yes to this option? I don’t want to accidentally erase the rest of the files on the ext4 partition.

If you’re using win32diskimager with the .img file that comes from the sdbuild flow it should all happen in one step - i.e. win32diskimager will completely erase the target SD card, spend 5-20 minutes burning the images and then you should be set.


So, the process takes me about 2 minutes. I tested it with the ZCU104 image on the pynq site, and it took the same time.

So when I run it with the win32diskImager, I run it to the SD card drive and the partition that is visible on WIndows is saved there. After the write is succesful, another partition is created within the SD card called the E drive, which I can’t see. Windows probably presumes that I will use it for normal storage, so they ask me to format it. In reality I shouldn’t format it because that is the partition that holds the ext4 partition. Am I right about my assumption Peter?

That is correct. Have you tested to see if the SD card works in the ZCU102 immediately after burning?


Yes, I am able to access Jupyter Notebooks by typing the IP address in chrome. Appreciate the help!