Sending Messages between laptop and pynq-z2

Hey everyone,
Now I am trying to use pynq-z2 to achieve client-server communication. My pynq-z2 board will be the client and decide what message to send to the server via jupyter notebook. My laptop will be the server that can receive a message and also send a message to the client. Now the connection between my laptop and pynq-z2 is via Teraterm. However, I have no idea how can I send messages between my laptop Teraterm and pynq-z2 jupyter notebook. Thank you!

Are you making your own overlay, or are you using the baseoverlay?
If you’re making your own, you can connect the UART from the FTDI chip to an AXI-UART block, which connects to the PS. The FTDI chip supports a maximum of 12MBAUD/s which is, depending on your needs, either more than fast enough, or too slow.
In both cases: baseoverlay or diy, you can use ethernet. This is a whole lot faster, but requires programming on both ends. Search for python web sockets. It’s fairly simple to use: you set up a
and connection transfer bytedata. I’m getting speeds of ±100MBit/s

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