Can we use pynq-z2 board ethernet as customized tcp and udp applications

can we use pynq-z2 board ethernet as customized tcp and udp applications.or is it dedicated to only for connecting internet purpose to run python using notebook on pynq fpga .is their any to use it as normal ethernet applications as user required .when we are trying to send packet,it did not send ,every time it is showing tcp connection error,but it is working echo application like ping only ,
i am looking forward for anyone response ,


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Hi @sateesh,

It is unclear what you want to do.

The Ethernet port is connected to the processor in the PYNQ-Z2. In the PYNQ SD Card image this Ethernet port is a regular network interface for the OS.

You can use the Linux network stack to establish your connections and send data.


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Hi Sateesh,

How are you checking TCP packets error? Are you using a program like Wireshark to check?

The ethernet natively does not support the FPGA PHY so it has to be configured. We are also bringing up the ethernet interface using both PS and PL, and using pynq OS. We have chosen TCP protocol and are planning a data rate of 300 Mbps of raw data from the external RAM on the pynq board.

Can you give more details of what all things have you tried unto now for ethernet bring up?