Serial communicatiuon

Hello,I use a pynq-z2 board do siginal processing work.I want to get ecg siginal data from another device,is there any methods recommanded to acquire data.
thank your sincerely

Hi @AllenChenChao

The method will depend on the device you’re getting the data from. What interface this device sends data in? SPI, UART, Ethernet, I2C? and what data rate you need to capture? Need data frames or continuous? Please tell us more about the device in question.


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I completely stand by Pat’s reply.
This heavily depend on what peripheral for your data acquisition you are planning to use.
We offer API to mostly handle all the protocols Pat mentioned, and for some ECG (grove mainly, which should be using I2C if recall it correctly) we even already provide drivers as far as I remember.

The short answer is that there’s totally a way, and it may be easier/harder depending on what device you are trying to connect. If you could share more about it, we might be able to help you out

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Thank u for ur reply,really thanks.
I am try to use SPI for data interface.
I have a sensor and I am kind of confussed for using SPI, especially in wiring lines.

Thank u for ur reply.
I used want to used SPI, and I2C is also accept.
Now the question for me is How could I use I2C in a sensor has 9 pins:+5V(1) ,GND(2) ,SCLK(3) ,SDI(4) ,SDO(5) ,CSB(6) ,WCT(7) ,ALAB(8) ,DRDB(9).