Collecte data via Ethernet

I have a project where I need to receive data from a measuring instrument (channel sounder) via ethernet and accelerate the collected data processing.
The only way to connect to the channel sounder is via ethernet but, it seems that the ethernet in the Pynq board is reserved to connect to the PC or internet.

Is there a way to solve this problem . can you suggest an alternative?

What about splitting the input traffic between sensor data and other data?
You could split the input stream depending on IP, port or any other feature.
You could design the splitter in RTL or HLS.


Well I am not really experienced. Is there something similar that can put me on track. It would be perfect.

I am sorry. I got confuse, in the PYNQ-Z2 the Ethernet interface is connected to the PS. So, you need to collect the data in the PS and move it to the FPGA. How does your sensor send the data? TCP/UDP or something different?
You can use sockets in python and store the data in a numpy array and move that data to the FPGA.