Super-Speed USB3 Support on RFSoC4x2 Board

Has anyone had any luck getting super-speed USB3 working with the PYNQ sd image on the RFSoC4x2 board? It only recognizes usb drives as high-speed or not at all.

I didn’t get any responses so I am reposting. It appears that Super Speed USB is not working on the RFSoC 4x2 board. I am using the v3.0.1 sd card and it boots fine. When I plug a usb 2.0 device in the USB host connector it works fine and is recognized in kernel log as high-speed usb. For usb 3.0 devices, they are either not recognized at all or recognized as high-speed devices (not super-speed as they are on other zynq ultrascale boards). My guess it that there is something wrong with the reference clock for the high speed transceivers or the device-tree is not correct. If you look at older versions of the device tree on the pynq git site there are some inconsistencies on how the siou driver is configured. Sometimes it is commented out, frequencies change, and reference lanes also change. Has anyone else had issues?