Support for SGDMA in PYNQ


Pynq Version is 2.6.0

I’m currently trying to implement FFT algorithm using SGDMA in pynq.

The issue that I’m currently facing is that while calling the transfer method through DMA class , it is always referencing the SDMA class instead of SGDMA class.

Below is the screenshot for that.

even though ol.ip_dict shows that c_include =1.

The parameter ‘c_include_sg’ is set to 1 in ol.ip_dict , but still the transfer method of SDMA is being called instead of SGDMA. So my question is whether SGDMA is being supported in Pynq Processor.
If Yes , then what could be the issue here ? Attached below are the files for code, .bit if required.
sgdma_fft-Copy1.bit (3.9 MB)
sgdma_fft-Copy1.ipynb (209.8 KB)

In reply to the above , here are some additional screenshots which might help

Edit: As a new user , not able to add more than 1 embedded screenshot

Hi @adimural1002293

Just a quick message to say that Cyclic Buffer Descriptors are only available in PYNQ v3.0.1.


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Thank you for the reply.

Just wanted to know if there would be any online resources on SGDMA implementation for Pynq Version 3.0.1 ?