Top level BUILD.SH - does not build for Z1 boards

The default (head/master) image GitHub - Xilinx/PYNQ: Python Productivity for ZYNQ is hard coded to build for the Z2 board only.

It is not obvious how to build for the Z1 board. This top level script should support some level of “board specific” type builds,

for example: ./ --board=Z1 or something like that.

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback, perhaps we can look into making that script a bit more user friendly… It does build overlays for all boards (Z1, Z2 and ZCU104) in the boards folder, just for the case of Z2 a rebuild is enforced if an xsa file is missing, because it is used to build more binaries.


Also - there is no documentation about the QEMU variable the script needs
and what other things that should installed/setup before running the script.

It would be helpful if - at the top the script tested/verified variables and errored out before continuing.

The script gets called as part of the pynq package in the sdbuild flow. You can find all the setup instructions for the host machine under PYNQ/sdbuild.

If you are looking to build an overlay for a single board, and nothing else, you can always go into the boards folder and use the tcl scripts to build the hardware design.


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