Transfer file via TCF Agent

I’m in a pentesting/Linux bootcamp, and our latest assignment involves using the Target Communication Framework (TCF) to transfer files between devices. We were given a brief introduction to TCF and its functionalities, followed by an assignment to transfer a file using a TCF agent. However, I’m finding it challenging due to the limited information available on TCF.

The device provided for the assignment is not standard; it only has an internet cable port and a reset button, likely a custom build for educational purposes. I can’t open it or modify it physically, and the only identification is the MAC address. I’ve set up Eclipse with the necessary plugins, as far as I know, but I’m unable to make any connection to the device, even though I’m aware of the port it listens on.

I suspect I’m missing something critical due to my inexperience or a misunderstanding of the process. If anyone has experience with TCF or similar tasks, especially with custom devices, your insights would be immensely valuable. Any advice, guidance, or resources to help me understand and complete this task would be greatly appreciated!

You need to ask a question like this on the AMD (Xilinx)