Files transfer from laptop to RFSoC (Jupyter Notebook)

Hello everyone,

I am trying to send data contained in matlab (.mat) files in realtime on the rfsoc whit jupyter notebook, the only way i have found is to put the files in a ftp server and get them back on the platform.
The problem is when i get a file it’s empty, it’s like the file is corrupted during the transfer,I tried also with text file (.txt) and it’s the same thing,always empty when i get the file.

If anyone could help me it would be really appreciated, or give me an idea on how to communicate between matlab and the rfsoc in real time.

This is the code that i use :
ftp = FTP(‘ip adress’)
ftp.login(user = ‘',passwd = '’)


file = 'file_name.txt'
file_open = open(file,'wb')
ftp.retrbinary('RETR '+file,file_open.write,1024)

Thank you for reading

To transfer files, you can map the board as a network drive. (The PYNQ image is running Samba by default).

This might be easier than using ftp.


Thank very much for your help, it’s better with mapping a network drive.

Is it possible to use script file to set up the network drive and then transfer files which also use script file ?

I don’t know, i set up the network drive with windows, and it works for me.