Tutorial for writing MicroBlaze Arduino C driver

I have a generic temperature sensor that I’d like to use as a module similar to how I’d use the included Arduino modules (I have an Arduino IO shield similar to the Groove one). I’d like to create a C driver that can be deployed to the MicroBlaze at runtime and then controlled from Python (just as I would any of the other included applications). Eventually, I would like to extend this usecase to custom sensors or a collection of sensors. I see some great tutorials on creating custom overlays and the Python code to interact with those overlays, but I’m not finding a tutorial on creating a custom C driver for the existing base Arduino MicroBlaze.

Can someone point me to the correct documentation (if it exists) or perhaps help me out by providing a logical design flow for achieving my goal.

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I think I found what I need in the docs. I j just need to read through and digest it to know if it provides the details I need.


Hi @christnp,

You may also want to check

In the contributing guidelines you will find the steps to create your own driver PYNQ_Peripherals/CONTRIBUTING.md at main · Xilinx/PYNQ_Peripherals · GitHub


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