Ultra96 v2 create custom pynq overlay problem

Hi everyone, i am now trying to use Vivado HLs to create a pynq overlay, but I do not know the part of Ultra96 v2 board. It would be thankful if someone knows how to select the part for Ultra96 v2 board.
Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

If you canโ€™t find the board part, maybe you can just select correct device and part from the list. For me, I usually just use:
in short, xczu3eg-sbva484-1-i as the device.

Hi rock, i tried the part xczu3eg-sbva484-1-i, but i comes up with a problem.
Do you have any idea what was happening? It seems like xczu3eg-sbva484-1-i is not the part of ultra96 v2 board?

Thanks a lot!!!

Please see here: userWarning regarding HWH file!


aha, Sorry for asking stupid question!
I found that it is just a warning because hwh file contains more information than tcl file.
But i do not know that whether it will cause another problem in the future if i keep using tcl file? :rofl:

No such thing as a stupid question :wink:

It should not cause any problems as such, but as an example, the HWH can provide more info about the DMA and do some additional checks, so it may help you if you have a problem with this.

Tcl was the original way of obtaining metadata about the design. HWH was added in more recent versions of PYNQ and is an improvement, so it is strongly recommended to use the HWH - hence the warning. There is no reason not to use it. HWH is generated with your design. Tcl may be deprecated at some time in the future.


Thanks for you guys help!!
you guys are awesome! :+1:

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You can find the U96 v2 and other Avnet board files here:

If working with Ubuntu just ignore the steps in the that change the owner and group!

In general you just need to copy the v2 folder and its contents underneath the correct sub-folder for your Vivado installation location. From where youโ€™ve installed your tools you will find `./data/boards/โ€™. Place the u96v2 board file folder and contents under there. Restart Vivado and you will now be able to select the board.