Unable import pynq.board in Jupyter

I am a beginner to PYNQ and trying to create a basic LED-Switch toggling overlay. Started by importing Overlay, when I import LED, Buttons, Switches I repeatedly get the following error.
Please help me to figure this out.
PYNQ is amazing!!

It looks like you have an old version of code/PYNQ.

Can you add all the info suggested here - which board you have, version of PYNQ etc.?:

You could also check the getting started notebooks on your board and follow the coding style there.


I am using PYNQ-Z2. Booted it with pynq V2.5 couple of days ago. This is my first run.
Yes, checked different styles too. Getting similar kind of import error while making custom code.

Also to clarify, isn’t the code portable from version to version on PYNQ?

We went through a large API change from PYNQ 1.x to 2.x a couple of years ago which is when the example you’re trying to run is from. We’re trying to keep our APIs backwards compatible as much as possible within the 2.x release series.


Oh, well. Thanks for the clarification.
Will check if I could find newer formats of execution.

By the way, I love this community. Such an immediate response I got.

Thank you team,
Navadeep Ganesh