Unable to load bitstream - attempts to load deleted file from cache

Hi Guys,

This is an error I have never seen before but hopefully has a straightforward fix.

I am currently making modifications to the PYNQ base design on vivado and generated a new .bit and .hwh file, I thought I would keep the name as base_wrapper for both (to match the .ltx file with the debug probes for ILA work). So I uploaded the base_wrapper.bit and .hwh file, along with a renamed copy of the base.dtbo file, to a sub directory beside the Jupyter notebook i was working in.

Then, in the notebook, I tried to load the bitstream to the FPGA with the classic format - leading it to the subdirectory first to find it: "base_tweaks/base_wrapper.bit. However this failed prompting an error that it could not use the dtbo file.

But the main issue came when I tried to load any other overlay (even the default base) - it claimed it couldn’t parse metadata even though the .hwh files for each were beside, with the same name.

See below the attempt to load the default base overlay:

Here you can see that it first looks in the cached data for a file in the directory: /home/root/jupyter_notebooks/ATT/MIPI Testing/base_tweaks/base_wrapper.bit
This was the former file I tried to load on, now deleted from this directory. Why does it look here when it is not prompted to??

The same thing happens with any overlay (the .hwh file is of the same name and is located beside the overlays).

When trying to load this overlay that it is describing onto the board it knows it doesn’t exist

note: I have since changed the directory title of the “MIPI Testing” to remove the space and add an underscore hence they are mismatched in the above example

I’m truely defeated by what seems to be trivial. A power cycle of the board has no effect, even making new notebooks and trying new overlays doesn’t work - it is still fixated on this deleted overlay

Any help from anyone is appreciated!

Hi @cking,

Can you try to restart the cache?

from pynq import PL


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Perfect Mario that worked a treat!


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