Upstream jupyter changes broke sdbuild

Worked yesterday, today it’s going boom. Here’s the relevant output:

  • jupyter notebook --generate-config --allow-root
    Writing default config to: /root/.jupyter/
  • cat -
  • jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix widgetsnbextension
    Enabling notebook extension jupyter-js-widgets/extension…
    - Validating: OK
  • jupyter contrib nbextension install --user
    community-contributed spice for Jupyter Interactive Computing


Arguments that take values are actually convenience aliases to full
Configurables, whose aliases are listed on the help line. For more information
on full configurables, see ‘–help-all’.

set log level to logging.DEBUG (maximize logging output)
generate default config file
Answer yes to any questions instead of prompting.
–log-level= (Application.log_level)
Default: 30
Choices: (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, ‘DEBUG’, ‘INFO’, ‘WARN’, ‘ERROR’, ‘CRITICAL’)
Set the log level by value or name.
–config= (JupyterApp.config_file)
Default: ‘’
Full path of a config file.

To see all available configurables, use --help-all

[JupyterContribApp] CRITICAL | Bad config encountered during initialization:
[JupyterContribApp] CRITICAL | Unrecognized flag: ‘–user’

All docs I’m finding online claims that “jupyter contrib nbextension install --user” is correct.

If I figure out a workaround I’ll post it here.