Using To Get Status and Control the RFDC from a C program

Since I’m using the PYNQ created PetaLinux 2.7 image, and the version of that the Petalinux build process generated, I thought I’d ask this question here (I also asked on the Xilinx forum); maybe someone has done something similar. I have a working BIT file that supports QICK, and the Jupyter Notebooks sample apps that come with QICK all work. When I look at /sys/bus/platform/devices/ after the QICK BIT file is loaded on a ZCU208, I don’t see the RFDC enumerated in the device tree. According to the embeddedsw rfdc source, it should show usp_rf_data_converter as one of the devices in the tree. Shouldn’t I see the RFDC in the device tree? Has anyone tried using with a C program to, e.g., get RFDC tile PLL lock status using XRFdc_GetPLLLockStatus? I have a sample C program that was derived from one of the rfdc examples in the embeddedsw repo, and it requires a “device id” before the APIs will work. I’m not sure what the device id should be, and according to Xilinx the xparameters.h file isn’t required for Linux applications (only BareMetal applications). Thank you.