Using PYNQ through Jupyter Labs: Javascript Error: require is not defined

Hi Friends,

I am using Jupyter labs on an Ultra96 V1 board and PYNQ v2.4 and I have noticed a peculiarity.

If I do this: “from pynq import PL” or just “import pynq” or any pynq import,
just below the cell it emits: “Javascript Error: require is not defined”

This only happens once, subsequent imports or from imports in the same session no longer generate the error.

Is this a known issue? Is it serious? Is there a work around?

Thank you for all your hard work and providing support to the community here!

This is caused by the code we use to do C syntax highlighting for the %%microblaze magic. It is only a cosmetic issue and doesn’t impact any of the functionality of PYNQ. You can get rid of it by deleting line 101 of pynq/lib/pynqmicroblaze/ We’ll look into a proper fix now that JupyterLab has stabilised.