VDMA frame generation outputs splits expected frames

Hi, I am building a module to generate pixels and output to a juypter notebook via VDMA. When running the verilog on verilator and icarus simulations, i get expected results. However, when I run the notebook and call readframe on VDMA, i do not get the expected image. However, i get the expected image split - so the expected image is almost split vertically and one portion which is meant to be on the right is on the left - as the image i get is a snapshot taken between 2 frames.

When i call readframe via the notebook, the amount the frame shifts by changes. The longer i wait, the greater the shifting of frames.

What is the cause of this and what might be a fix?

Hi @rgbblue,

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This is most likely because the AXI4-Stream sideband (tuser & tlast) signals are not compliant with what the VDMA expects.

Have you checked that these signals are asserted as indicated by the AXI4-Stream video specs?


What would be the best way to check this,

I was provided an external testbench to check for start of frame(tuser) and end of line (tlast) signals, the pixel generation module seemed to generate these signals fine.

You can try with an ILA to verify that the signals are correct.