Voila and interactive plots = 'JavaScript output is disabled in JupyterLab'

I’m using

%matplotlib notebook

To enable interactive plots which I would like to use in a Voila dashboard. The plots display fine in my notebook:

However, in Voila I get:

Does anyone know how to resolve this ‘JavaScript output is disabled in JupyterLab’? I tried some suggestions from googling and ended up getting in a state where voila wouldn’t work at all so I thought i’d better ask the experts!

Probably worth mentioning that

%matplotlib inline

works fine but I really wanted the ability to be able to interact with the plots if possible.



Can you try with plotly instead?
I believe the Spectrum Analyzer is using plotly rfsoc_sam/receiver_frontend.py at master · strath-sdr/rfsoc_sam · GitHub


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Hi @marioruiz
Thanks, i’ll have a look at plotly hopefully soon.