Why my pynq-z2 can’t connect to internet with wifi

I find in V2.5 image,there is a guild fo connect to wifi.
SO I try to connect to wilf with the following steps
Both is fina in step1,2,but when I try step3,it shows remind ping: Temporary failure in name resolution

I serch google and find solutions like add nameserver,i try all of them ,but didn’t work.
I open two hotport with two different phone and net,step 2 is fina,but it is observed that both phone shareing wifi show there is no device connected!
I don’t know how to do anymore.

If you see a connection on your iphone hotspot, it means the wifi is connected. If not, first make sure hotspot name and password are correct.

sure they are correct,as I have try different hotspot wiyh different phone for many times.

Did you see the hotspot connection on your phone? Did you try to just simply do wget some website? It might be just that ping command is not working.