Zync 7020 chip gets pretty warm even idle, is it normal?

Fresh Pynq-Z2 board with 3.0.1 image Zynq 7020 chip gets pretty hot, maybe 50 deg. celsius when idle, PS CPU usage shows no more than 0.5%. Given that it is 28 nm ARM chip, such heat dissipation is quite suprising for me, is it normal?


How about the PL usage.
If 50% of LE is used and 80% of BRAM is consumed.
I can very sure it will even hotter than 60 degree.
Assume congested routing and even over 30% of flips switching behavior.

The ARM itself have very low junction thermal behavior but the PL itself.


Thank you for reply. But is it normal PL using that much power when no bitfile is loaded? I just booted original pynq image.


What is normal what is abnormal?
What % of total PL resources used.
What do you mean boot?
Base overlay is loaded or not?

All these info are missing.
Even it is 50 degree, for general silicon device is very normal.
DDR3 itself is over 533M switch so what do you expect ambient temperature?
What is the junction temperature of ZYNQ CLG484 or CLG400.