PYNQ Z2 water cooling method

Hello Everyone!

I am working on a project where I am running into cooling issues with this board. The board is placed in an isolated chassis. Normally I would just create a heatsink with a fan to cool it down, but the issue is the environment surrounding the board is underwater.

I want to design the chassis where the the space between the board and the housing is going to be a thermal conductor with one end meeting the water and the other end making contact with the heated components on the board. Like a heat transfer.

Does anyone have recommendations on how to go about this? Thanks! I am new here.

There are many elements that are not related to PYNQ.
I will suggest post in Xilinx forum as this is related to junction temperature simulation.
Which you need to simulate the switch behavior of the overall design (mostly highest switching finite time) and select the correct thermal resistance heat-sink and thermal displacement between materials.

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