Question about PYNQ-Z2 powered with 12V regulator

So I’ve powered the pynq-z2 with a 12V 4A power supply to accommodate for a led matrix (usb would not be enough). The power supply measures 12.2V. I expected the 5V pins on the RPi and Arduino header to still give out 5V, but turns out they are 12V. The 3.3V pins are truly 3.3V after all.

Just wondering if this is normal behavior, since I couldn’t find any clear info or even a warning about this. Already managed to burn a 5V fan, that’s how I noticed something is “wrong”. Also noticed that the corner of the power input becomes burning hot, so that it cannot be touched for more than a second or two. Feels like the black chip labeled “U19” is getting hot.

Just want to make sure that the board is fine.

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This is not normal behaviour. U19 is the power regulator that should be converting the 9-12V barrel-jack input to a 5V output to the rest of the board. It sounds like it or a supporting component has died. This also means that it’s likely that the regulator which powers the 3.3V rail is being overloaded.


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