Applying filter on image stored on PYNQ board

I am using a PYNQ-z1 ver 2.5 board
I made an IP that takes an image and converts it from RGB to HSV. most of the examples take an HDMI streaming, access it frame by frame …
in my case, I want to have a video that is already stored on the PYNQ board read it with OpenCV and do the process with an IP.
should I also use the HDMI streaming like the published demos or use something else to make the IP read the images.

Hello @anoir_nechi,

I would recommend you to use a DMA engine to move the data from the PS to the PL, stitch your IP after the DMA and move back the result to the PS (assuming you want the result in PS).

This example could be of help

This other one is quite similar to what you are trying to achieve


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