Cannot properly use the pmbus.get_rails() function on ZCU106

PYNQ version: v2.7.0
Board name: ZCU106


I am working on monitoring power on ZCU106 using pmbus, and I found pynq has its functions to get the rail info and print out. However, it need to configure .conf file, which will be saved in /etc/sensors.d.

Here are steps that I have modified .conf file:

  1. I have checked the ZCU106 user guide, and got the pmbus address for VCCINT, which is 0x13, and the device name is max15301.
  2. I have checked the path and found that VCCINT belongs to i2c-5 (channel-2 from i2c-0) and address is 0x13
  3. Therefore, I change the .conf file as follows:
    Screenshot from 2023-03-01 15-52-56

After changing the .conf file, I go back to execute get_rails() using jupyter notebook, but the output keeps the same as before.

And I have tried to modify many configurations and check the corresponding i2c, but the output of “pynq.get_rails()” is not change.

I wonder how to fix this error, thanks!


This is inherently not provided in the list of PYNQ:

AKA your board must image is generated yourself?
So there must be something missing on the device-tree.
Could you use simple package:

If this is not working then you are simply having issue in your IMAGE.
Remember there are no obligation for modulator to provide your board IMAGE.