Can't add HDMI IN in Vivado


I’m sure it has to be very simple but it’s driving me crazy. When I try to add the HDMI IN in Vivado 2020.1 to my block design (Pynq Z2) it fails. HDMI Out for example works perfectly.

Any idea?

I am not sure how you built the block design. For me, I usually build the block design in 2019.1/2019.2, and then open the project in vivado 2020.1, then select ‘automatically upgrade IP’ option. I have tried this for 2020.1 base and logictools overlay on pynq-z2.

Hi Rock,

I just tried using 2019.1 and obtained the same result. Steps I took:

  • New project
  • Chose Pynq Z2
  • Create Block Design
  • Drag and drop HDMI In from Board tab to Diagram

And the very same window pops up.


This might be related to the board file, but I am not sure. If you want to build HDMI pipeline, you can start from the base overlay and remove unnecessary component from the design?

Thanks! That’s what I’m doing :slight_smile:

The board files need to have the HDMI configuration included to support this. As you’ve noticed, they don’t. We can try to add this, but for now you would need to add the HDMI interface manually or start with the base design as @rock is suggesting.


Can i get code for hdmi in and out in 2019.1 vivado?