Module 'design_1_v_tpg_0_0_v_tpg' not found

Hello everyone, I’m working with PYNQ Z2 using Vivado 2018.1

I was trying to follow this tutorial: published 2 days ago, where it is showed how to develop an hdmi_out video output.

I followed it properly but when I try to run the synthesis it gives me this error:

module 'design_1_v_tpg_0_0_v_tpg' not found

which is related to the Video Test Pattern Generator IP

This leaded me to the following link which is supposed to give the solution to the problem: but the instructions presented in the solution (the instructions that should be run in the tcl console) are not working.

In general I’m trying to develop an hdmi video pipeline that takes the input video, processes it with a custom IP core and outputs the result through the hdmi out port. Do you have any ideas on how can I realize that ?

Dear @peppe,

Please review the base overlay and associated Notebooks for the PYNQ-Z2. The HDMI In and Out path are already available there.

You can use this as your base and add your custom IP.