Can't Get Started: Hard Wired Ethernet via Wireless repeater

I have a PYNQ-Z1 and have no direct access to a hard-wired ethernet port. I had to take a ASUS RT-AC66U B1 and configure it as a repeater. I followed instructions from ASUS and other step-by-step instructions, but I get intermittent connectivity (at best).

I’ll take instructions on any form or just a link. I’d love to get a project going. I’m a 60-yr old HW engineer with a great deal of FPGA experience, but I’m terribly weak with scripts. (I know enough Tcl and python to edit an existing file when necessary and I’m confident in my C-coding ability, so I’m not a lost cause regarding RTOS)

I’d love to get a project going and chomping at the bit for making Python overlays.

I got hit by a car in August and am on disability and will remain there until at least September 2023. I need to get this on track to prepare for some free training I’m getting so I can work from home. After messing aroud with the PYNQ board, then move along to the Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit (12-week lead). They (the University course) want Raspberry Pi 3.0 B+ or better for the lab, but I’ll wait for the Kriabecause Ras-Pi’s are no longer $35

Hi @Pasqualino,

I moved this to the Support category which is more appropriate.

I would suggest you use a WiFi dongle with the board. You can configure the board to connect to your WiFi at boot using the files

If you look at this file, you’ll see a commented section to connect to WiFi.

You can also consider an USB Ethernet adapter.

I hope this helps get you started.

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