Connecting to external ADC


I want my Pynq board to extract and process data from an external ADC (LTC2324), and would like to know if the board can support my ADC. The LTC2324 has a rate of 2 Msps and would I have to interleave 2 or more ADCs across all I/Os as indicated by Cathal in the forum.


Hi @ag2906,

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What PYNQ board are you using?
How do you plan to interface to this chip?


Hello @marioruiz,

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I am using the Pynq Z2 board, and I am planning to interface LTC2324 with Pynq via the SPI interconnects. I am quite sure that the hardware connections I did while connecting the ADC to pynq were fine, it’s on Vivado where I’m not sure.


I imagine that you are connecting it external ADC to the PL. So, I suggest you check the AXI Quad SPI documentation AXI Quad SPI