Transmission of ADC data from PL to PS

Hello dear people,

I am very dependent on your great help. I’m currently leading a

Data transfer with the PYNQ Z2 in Vivado. I use an ADC for that

For data recording, which is made via the RPi interfaces of the PYNQ Z2

Is connected. The data recording is already working. So I would like

Now carry out a data transfer from the PL to the PS side.

I have now heard about the AXI DMA and would like to know how to

Connects output data from my recording block to the DMA and then

Which loads in the Jupyter into the PS of PYNQ Z2. I would also like to

Also know what the C code in SDK could look like.

Enclosed you will find a picture of the structure as I imagined it.

Best regards


Your RTL IP needs to have an AIX stream interface to connect to the DMA.

Check documentation for this, and the Vivado IP wizard to generate an AXI stream template.