Create Vitis 2020.1 "Platform Project" for Pynq-Z1 Board

Hi All,

I am attempting to use the Vitis acceleration flow on the Pynq-Z1 (PYNQ board; however, I am having a hard time collecting all of the required petalinux artefacts (zImage, sysroot, bif, etc) to create the Vitis “Platform Project”. Is there an easy way to do this without going through the vagrant vm sdcard build flow?

Up to this point, I have attempted to use the vagrant vm boxes (both xenial and bionic) and have run into issues on both. With Xenial the “vagrant up” command fails after numpy cannot be installed. With bionic, ubuntu 18.04.5 is install (which is not supported; I’ve can get the tools installed but then the petalinux ultimately fails during “petalinux-config --get-hw-description”.)

If anyone can point me towards a likely path for success I would be most greatful.


For the Vitis platform creation, you do not have to rebuild our SD card image. You can just build the Vitis platform with ‘dummy’ sw components, only hw component has to be a valid one. e.g. GitHub - yunqu/PYNQ-derivative-overlays: A series of overlays generated from the base overlay for PYNQ