Displaying Image at Fast Rate

I am attempting to display sequence of images at a fast rate (60Hz). My preliminary thinking is to use opencv to do this using imshow but having messing around with that idea in python give me a rate of around 6Hz. I was thinking about doing this in C++ to get a faster rate but I doubt it will get me to my desired rate. I don’t intent to use either display port or HDMI. My board is ZCU104. Anyone got any recommendation?

I’m not very clear on what you want to do - where the images are coming from, where you are displaying them.
Are you using the programmable logic?


No I am not using PL. I was thinking about using imshow() in OpenCV to display sequence of images. I doubt this will be fast enough. The image data will be coming from the PL DDR4. What I will do is to transfer the image data from PL DDR4 to cv::Mat.