DMA Decode Error in wait() function (Pynq 3.0.1) (xc7z020clg400-1)

Hi, im using a Zybo z7 7020 board with pynq 3.0.1 and try to use GitHub - fastmachinelearning/hls4ml-tutorial: Tutorial notebooks for hls4ml

hls4m generates a file called to interact with the board but i get the following error:

from datetime import datetime

import numpy as np
from pynq import Overlay, allocate

class NeuralNetworkOverlay(Overlay):
    def __init__(
        self, bitfile_name, x_shape, y_shape, dtype=np.float32, dtbo=None, download=True, ignore_version=False, device=None
        super().__init__(bitfile_name, dtbo=None, download=True, ignore_version=False, device=None)
        self.sendchannel = self.hier_0.axi_dma_0.sendchannel
        self.recvchannel = self.hier_0.axi_dma_0.recvchannel
        self.input_buffer = allocate(shape=x_shape, dtype=dtype)
        self.output_buffer = allocate(shape=y_shape, dtype=dtype)

    def _print_dt(self, timea, timeb, N):
        dt = timeb - timea
        dts = dt.seconds + dt.microseconds * 10**-6
        rate = N / dts
        print(f"Classified {N} samples in {dts} seconds ({rate} inferences / s)")
        return dts, rate

    def predict(self, X, debug=False, profile=False, encode=None, decode=None):
        Obtain the predictions of the NN implemented in the FPGA.
        - X : the input vector. Should be numpy ndarray.
        - dtype : the data type of the elements of the input/output vectors.
                  Note: it should be set depending on the interface of the accelerator; if it uses 'float'
                  types for the 'data' AXI-Stream field, 'np.float32' dtype is the correct one to use.
                  Instead if it uses 'ap_fixed<A,B>', 'np.intA' is the correct one to use (note that A cannot
                  any integer value, but it can assume {..., 8, 16, 32, ...} values. Check `numpy`
                  doc for more info).
                  In this case the encoding/decoding has to be computed by the PS. For example for
                  'ap_fixed<16,6>' type the following 2 functions are the correct one to use for encode/decode
                  'float' -> 'ap_fixed<16,6>':
                    def encode(xi):
                        return np.int16(round(xi * 2**10)) # note 2**10 = 2**(A-B)
                    def decode(yi):
                        return yi * 2**-10
                    encode_v = np.vectorize(encode) # to apply them element-wise
                    decode_v = np.vectorize(decode)
        - profile : boolean. Set it to `True` to print the performance of the algorithm in term of `inference/s`.
        - encode/decode: function pointers. See `dtype` section for more information.
        - return: an output array based on `np.ndarray` with a shape equal to `y_shape` and a `dtype` equal to
                  the namesake parameter.
        if profile:
            timea =
        if encode is not None:
            X = encode(X)
        self.input_buffer[:] = X
        if debug:
            print("Transfer OK")
       # await self.sendchannel.wait_async()
        if debug:
            print("Send OK")
        #await self.recvchannel.wait_async()
        if debug:
            print("Receive OK")
        # result = self.output_buffer.copy()
        if decode is not None:
            self.output_buffer = decode(self.output_buffer)

        if profile:
            timeb =
            dts, rate = self._print_dt(timea, timeb, len(X))
            return self.output_buffer, dts, rate
            return self.output_buffer

is there a significant difference in the pynq-z2 board and mine (Zybo Z7 - Digilent Reference)?
what can i do to troubleshoot this?

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While the two boards have the same Zynq device, they are different.
I’m not familiar enough with the project or the driver to know how it is assigning memory or call the DMA. You could try check through the code, or perhaps you could ask on their forum?



I was able to integrate my zybo board into the project by providing the correct board information in the tcl scripts used within hls4ml with the following commit: Add support for Digilent Zybo Z7-20 board with VivadoAccelerator backend · qdlmcfresh/hls4ml@823d679 · GitHub

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