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May I ask if there are anyway to integrate DNNDK to PYNQ in either installation or PYNQ image rebuilding. So far I only see that Xilinx just support the DPU on PYNQ:

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Duy Tran

Hi! I want to know the same. If you know something please comment this topic. thanks

The installation of DPU-PYNQ on the ZCU104, Ultra96, and ZCU111 should give your DNNDK run-time. It supports both DNNDK and VART.

Hello @rock,

Thanks for your reply, so after installing DPU-PYNQ I have to install the DNNDK (downloaded from then write my own installation script? The script provided inside is for Petalinux.

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You don’t have to. pip install will install that for you automatically. Please follow the instructions on DPU-PYNQ.

After reading the Jupiter I finally understand. The DPU-PYNQ supports them all. :slight_smile: