PYNQ + DNNDK support

Would it be possible to download the DPU / DNNDK via pynq.bitstream ?


The question is a little vague… but we have demonstrated DPU can work with PYNQ framework, with very little effort. The real challenge is to get compatible software libraries and ML models targeting PYNQ rootfs. Stay tuned for some more information in the near future.


Is there more information about this topic?


when can we see the hardware for dpu with pynq

We have internally DPU working fine with ultra96, zcu104, and zcu111. However, there is a legal review process that we have to conduct; it is out of our control and can take a long time. It is not technically hard but rather we have some dependencies on how fast our legal team can work.

DPU-PYNQ is now available.

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some references