DPU and vitis support for RFSOC 2x2 academia

There are many tutorials for vitis ai on zcu10x, kvxxx, ultra96, boards for deploying pytorch based DNN code. But can anyone suggest how to use it for RfSoc? (I am rookie in this area). I get there is jupyter environment running on rfsoc but in order to deploy an inference model I need some guidance using vitis ai?

Hi Sumanth,

For the RFSoC I believe that you’ll have to build a Vitis platform in Vivado. You can then use this platform in the regular Vitis flow and I believe that you should be able to use that with DPU-PYNQ GitHub - Xilinx/DPU-PYNQ: DPU on PYNQ.

There is also some information on rebuilding the hardware platform in the DPU-PYNQ docs that might be relevant: DPU-PYNQ/README.md at master · Xilinx/DPU-PYNQ · GitHub The RFSoC should be compatible with the Ultrascale flows.

I found this video on making a Vitis platform in Vivado, I hope it helps a bit: Vitis Beginner Tutorial- Creating GPIO project - YouTube

Hope this helps.

All the best,