Ultra96 pynq vitis ai

Hi, I am wondering now if I can build my own network on ultra96 v2 pynq using Vitis AI?
I have found some tutorial on ZCU102 and Alveo U50. But I do not know whether ultra96 v2 pynq can do that?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Tim,

Are you aware of PYNQ DPU? It directly supports the Ultra96 boards and enables inference through Vitis AI v1.2 on the v2.6 PYNQ distribution.

See the readme here for more info, which includes a few pre-built design examples:

Hi pynqzen,
Sorry for asking stupid question, because I am a college student from Asia and my English is not very good as yours. But i am interested in pynq so i start to learn it by myself. Thanks for your help!