DPU resources usage?

board: ZCU104

I’m using DPU-PYNQ with vitis-ai_v3.0 and PYNQv2.5 for deploying my neural network model on ZCU104. The DPU API is got from Xilinx/DPU-PYNQ: DPU on PYNQ (github.com)

But I want to load some other IPs simultaneously. Is there any reference about the resources of DPU-PYNQ B4096 for ZCU104?
I got the doc Resource Utilization • DPUCZDX8G for Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs Product Guide (PG338) • 阅读器 • AMD 技术信息门户。But it is strange that the dsp number of DPUCZDX8G-B4096 is 710, which is more than ZCU104 DSP numbers.

Is some where I misunderstand?

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I mean, I’m confused about the resources uasge of DPU-PYNQ for ZCU104.

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I find my wrong things.

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