DSP-PYNQ & SDFEC-PYNQ now available for RFSoC2x2

We have released DSP-PYNQ and SDFEC-PYNQ on the RFSoC2x2 board.


  • This project includes an overlay and notebooks which guide the user through developing a DSP application using Python and PYNQ.
  • The overlay moves data over DMA through PYNQ-programmable FIRs and an FFT to filter audio signals.
  • The first notebook is a primer on both DSP and Python packages centered around DSP functionality.
  • The second notebook takes the knowledge learned from the first and uses it to perform similar functions, but using hardware IP on the programmable logic.


  • This design offers an environment to evaluate the Soft Decision Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC) IPs using PYNQ.
  • The design features a configurable data path including:
    – BPSK, QPSK, QAM-16, and QAM-64 modulation schemes.
    – An encoding/decoding pair of SD-FEC blocks with a set of different LDPC codes.
    – An AWGN channel model with configurable noise power.