Getting the name of the currently loaded bitfile

Is there a way to get the name of the currently loaded bitfile. I would even settle for knowing if the base.bit file is loaded or something else.

I tried this:

base_overlay = pynq.overlay.Overlay('/usr/local/share/pynq-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/pynq/overlays/base/base.bit', download = False)

if base_overlay.is_loaded() :

But the download = false parameter appears to be ignored and it always ends up as the default even if I load another bitfile before base_overlay is created

I am using version Pynq 3.0.0


Although this related to partial bitstream but I think it still holdup:

As I had investigate this months ago, which the only way to make it work easiest way is first store the bitstream file name before you load it and store the info & status to a file via Python script and make that only access restricted to i.e. “USER” and so it will be unique and no accident overwrite problem.

If you had concert about accident power cycle introduce a boot status check before the load. So first update that unique file and all should work beautifully in such restricted environment.

As always=]

actual I think I found what I need. The PL object has what I need

cur_pl =


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That API I think it is just similar to what I had tried to manually add lines in the script. But what actual bitstream info it had loaded are only depends on the load file but not after loading and retread from the loaded file. There is a different between the above cases.

If you are not concerting what the above cases:


Should give you all the basic info


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