Headless mode for pynq z1

Is there any way to run the pynq z1 on headless mode like you can do on raspberry pi

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This is already done with UART itself. If my understanding of the headless concept is correct.
Of cause if the IP of the PYNQ board is fixed and subnet is also good then it is sure SSH can be done easily.


Right now i have to connect a lan cable from the board to my laptop and a microusb cable too. Is there any way to not connect it to my laptop through any cable but wirelessly. Like you don’t need to connect anything to the laptop for a raspberry pi

I’m new to pynq and still learning so anything is appreciated


As you are discussing two elements here.
E1-headless connecting, so network Cat-5 cable can easily connected to the board and as the default IP is fixed assume there are not subnet restriction then you are good as Raspberry Pi.

E2- Wireless, this is out of FPGA Python and PYNQ itself so better ask in Linux forum or Xilinx forum about ZYNQ Linux.

Apart from that PC + USB cable is what the lowest connection you can get as USB power the board as well so I cannot see UART is not able to work.


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