How can I resize PYNQ partition from 8G to 32 G?

I’m using Ultra96V2 v3.0.

What I’ve done so far is

  1. Flash PYNQ v3.0 onto Ultra96V2, 2 folders generated:
  • PYNQ
  • root
  1. Expand the size of root to make FULL use of the SD card, using tool gparted.

However, this time, PYNQ won’t boot, it’s telling me that: kernel panic, and it looks the SD card is NOT synced correctly.

How to resize/expand root to make full use of my SD card, for PYNQ system?

Thank you very much

It’s quite weird that

  • by using gparted, it’s NOT working properly.
  • by using resize2fs, sudo resize2fs /dev/sda2, it also gave me exclaimation in gparted, but it works…

Hmmm Let’s moving forward: Ultra96-V2.